Isabel at Christmas (Dec 24/09)

Our precious first child, Isabel Rose Jaakkimainen, was born on Saturday, July 15, 2006 at 2:47 pm. Being only 28 weeks old, she was born premature (weighing 1 lb 12 oz / 794 g) and was cared for at the Ottawa Hospital - General Campus NICU. After 10 weeks of hospital care, she came home with us on Friday, September 22, 2006. We're now one happy family living under one roof.

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Latest Update: Jan 28, 2010
It's been a long time since we posted anything up here. Part of the reason is that we moved to a new house. We were worried that Isabel might have a hard time but she transitioned very well. Funny thing is, last week we were driving down a street near our old house and Isabel called out "old house". It's amazing to think that a three-year-old recognizes streets and houses. One of the benefits of the new house is that Isabel's cousin is 15 houses away; they see each other almost every day. BTW, we're back on the potty training wagon, going hardcore this time (and not too many accidents either). [new photos and video]

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Isabel's Arrival

In February 2006, we found out that we were expecting our first child. The approximate due date was to be October 4, 2006. Through the ultrasound, we found out that we were going to have a baby girl. We began to prepare ourselves slowly for the coming addition to the family.

On Tuesday, July 11, Leah went for a check-up at the Civic Hospital because of some issues of swelling. The staff examined her and found that her blood pressure was high. She was given medication and returned home. She came back the next day to return some test material; they performed another blood pressure test and found it to be still high. They decided to admit her for observation (note: high blood pressure can be a danger to both the mother and the child within).

By Friday night, things are deteriorated; there were considerations that the baby might have to be delivered some time soon. The Civic Hospital only has a "level 2" nursery for babies; the General Hospital had a "level 3" nursery, but they were full. A search was made and the nearest bed found at the Women's College Hospital in downtown Toronto. Leah was scheduled to take a Saturday morning 8 am helicopter flight down there. At 7:45, the transfer was cancelled as they couldn't take her anymore. Another search was begun, somewhere else in Ontario but we were also warned they might have to send Leah to the USA. Luckily, a spot opened up at the General Hospital and Leah was transferred there at 10 am.

At the General, the doctors examined Leah and the baby, and determined that the baby needed to come out soon. The OR was prepped, the parents readied, etc. Leah was brought in with Timo at her side. At 2:47 pm, baby Isabel was brought into the world. After a quick presentation to the parents, she was whisked into another room to be worked on. After a short while, Timo was able to join them and get a better first glimpse of baby Isabel, his first born. She was a tiny baby, only 794 grams (1.75 pounds) but full of life, moving and kicking.

Isabel spent 70 days in the NICU of the Ottawa General Hospital. The staff were great, took excellent care of Isabel and also helped us adjust to the environment. We visited her every day, learned to feed, change, and wash her. She had one operation the day before she came home. On September 22, 2006, we brought our baby girl home for the first time, and started a new journey in our life of parenthood.

We continue to see Isabel grow and develop. Since coming home from the hospital, she's been doing great and we praise God for her health and life. She's such an awesome baby, and a real joy to our hearts.

Sample Photo Gallery

Dec 24/09 - Isabel at Christmas time Dec 19/09 - Isabel and Grandma baking cookies
Oct 17/09 - Isabel and Oma raking leaves Oct 10/09 - Isabel and mommy doing dishes

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Sample Video Gallery

All the videos below are on (a free website with more space that my own site can handle). I don't think you need to install any video software; most browsers should be able to view the videos without trouble.

Video of Isabel and daddy playing guitar - Jan 12, 2010

Video of Isabel singing at church - Dec 2009

Video of Isabel asleep in the sled - Dec 30, 2009

Video of Isabel baking cookies with grandma - Dec 19, 2009

Video of Isabel helping Oma rake Autumn leaves - Oct 17, 2009

Video of Isabel singing along to the computer - Oct 13, 2009

Video of Isabel doing the dishes at the cottage - Oct 10, 2009

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