Leah and Timo travelling in Germany

Vacation in Germany - May 2004

For three weeks in May 2004, we flew off to Germany to visit Timo's relatives, some friends we both knew, and to do some touring. We stayed 4 days in Lübeck visiting Timo's uncle and aunt. We then spent 5 days in Berlin with Timo's cousin Robert, checking out the sites. From there, we took a rental car and drove throughout Central Germany, visiting sites such as Quedlinburg, Leipzig, Wartburg Castle, Würzburg, Heidelberg, and the Rhine. It was a great three weeks; below are some pictures from our vacation.

01-Luebeck-holstentor.jpg 04-Luebeck-holstentor-and salt-lofts.jpg 08-Luebeck-rathaus2.jpg 09-Luebeck-Marienkirche.jpg 12-Luebeck-Marienkirche-organ.jpg 16-Luebeck-Fischergrube-22b.jpg 20-Robert-and-Robert-Jr.jpg 21-Robert-Jr-and-Ingrid.jpg 23-Leah-playing-with-Melvin.jpg 24-Melvin-Rux.jpg
25-Ingrid-Christiane-and-Melvin.jpg 26-Gieth-family.jpg 27-Timo-playing-with-Melvin.jpg 30-Berlin-reichstag.jpg 31-Berlin-Kaiser-Wilhelm church.jpg 33-Berlin-brandenburgtor.jpg 34-Berlin-wall.jpg 35-Berlin-Leah-at-the-wall.jpg 36-Berlin-Charlottenburg-palace.jpg 38-Potsdam-Sanssouci-palace.jpg
41-our-rental-car.jpg 44-Quedlinburg-fortress.jpg 46-Leipzig-Leah-with-Dan and-Trish.jpg 48-Leipzig-monument-inside.jpg 49-Eisenach-narrow-house.jpg 51-Wartburg-castle.jpg 52-Wartburg-castle inside.jpg 55-Wurzburg-city-and-residenz.jpg 59-Rothenburg-wall2.jpg 61-Rothenburg-town-gate.jpg
62-Hornberg-Castle-hotel.jpg 63-Hornberg-Castle-hotel2.jpg 68-Heidelberg.jpg 71-Heidelberg-castle-ruins.jpg 76-Heidelberg-castle-ruins6.jpg 77-Heidelberg-town-and-bridge2.jpg 78-Rhine-Lorelei rock.jpg 82-Bacharach-castle.jpg

Timo's Weblog

Timo is experimenting with blogging (i.e. weblogging). If you're curious about it or just bored and need something to do, you're welcome to check it out:



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